Having to block unwanted calls is unpleasant enough. nope. makes the process simple and painless with state-of-the-art design and reliable blocking of calls, texts, and text spam. With nope., you control when your phone rings.

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Someone sending you annoying texts? with nope., you can kiss that annoyance goodbye. nope. stops those texts in their path, so you won't even know you got it.


Keep those unwanted calls from interrupting your day. After putting them in nope., you won't have to hear from them again. You should choose when your phone rings.

text spam

If you've ever had a text bombing app used on you, you know its no fun. nope. intelligently and automatically blocks text spam. You won't even know it happened.

minimal design.

Minimalism is a design philosophy that says simplicity equals beauty. When we set out to create nope., we followed this design philosophy. The result? Not an application that just works, but one that works, and exudes elegance.


When blocking calls, you have three different options. Answer and Hang up, Send to Voicemail, and Silence. Answer and Hang up picks up a call, and immediately hangs up. Stay away from this option if you don't want to use any airtime, as when nope picks up the call, it will use a minute amount of airtime, then hang up. Send to voicemail will just send to the blocked caller to voicemail. If you don't want people to know they're being blocked, then silence is the best option for you.

Justin Harrison


Justin is a software developer with a love to learn new things. He enjoys playing piano, and eating pizza in his spare time.

Tait Wayland

Graphic Designer

Tait is the talented graphic designer who designed the icon for nope.. He is currently studying graphic design abroad.

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